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Training Programs:

Iman Aghay
Online Course Creation 101
How to Look Good and Feel Great on Video by Stacey Pederson
Are You Good Enough To Teach? Overcoming Imposter Syndrome by Helaine Harris
Structuring Your Course So That People Want To Buy It by Nancy Giere
Iman Aghay
How to Sell Your Online Course For Beginners
How To Build Your List Around Your Stories by Daniela Nica
Summit Magic by Kimberly Crowe
How to Leverage Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Courses by Chris Cade
Iman Aghay
Ultimate Sales Strategies for Course Creators
How To Know That Your Course WILL Sell!  by Adam King
Funnel for course sales by Alaric Moses Ong
Course Creation and Product Launch Formula by Iman Aghay
Webinar Wealth Secrets: Creating Simple 6-Figure Webinars That Work by Ty Cohen
Copywriting Secrets: EXACTLY What To Say On Your Pages To Sell More by Seth Greene
Iman Aghay is the world's leading expert in online course creation.

Iman has created over 100 online courses and has trained over 7,000 coaches, authors, speakers and program leaders how to create and sell successful online courses.

Iman is the author of Ultimate Course Formula, the world's most sold online course creation book on Amazon, the host of Course Creation Show and the author of yearly report, Ultimate Toolbox: Every Tool You Need to Create and Launch Your Online Course
Everything In The Bundle For $47
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Tools, Copy Samples and Checklists:

Iman Aghay
Ultimate Toolbox E-Book
In this complete report of the latest tools in the industry you see a complete unbiased comparison between different tools that are available to online course creators
Which one you should use for what purpose and at what time
This e-book alone can save your hundreds or even thousands of dollars in buying wrong tools and wasting months trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.
Cool Tool, Hot Links and Profitable Resources
In this e-book you discover some of the best tips and tricks used by world's top online marketers that save them hundreds of hours or thousand of dollars  every year.

Every year 400 top marketers travel together to an event called the Marketers Cruise.

During this unique trip, these marketers she their best secrets together and through this book you get access to all tools, techniques, tips and tricks that they share with each other to help one another to grow faster.
Marketing Materials Template Package
In this package you get access to some of the best marketing material samples ever created for online course creators including:

The landing page copy to collect emails
Follow up series after people register to your mailing list
Webinar registration landing page example
Webinar attendance and follow up email series
Direct course promotion email templates
Post purchase email templates to communicate with students
and much more
Only $47 For Everything In The Bundle!

Course Creators Essentials:

VIP Ticket to Course Creators Masterplan
Discover the world's single most effective strategy to create and sell online courses that has generated millions of dollars for online course creators.

In this 3 day live virtual event, you get access to the best strategy on how to build a real successful business by using your online course.

This event alone is worth your entire investment on this package.

During this event you will be matched with a one on one coach who will speak with you about your course idea and what's the best way for you to grow your business.

* After getting access to the Course Creators Bundle, you will be given the dates of this event and will be asked to pay $1 to reserve your seat and confirm that you are planning to attend this event.
Iman Aghay
Marketing Mastery Summit 2.0
This is the recording of one of our most impactful events where you discover how to build a business that is aligned with your values, passion, and life purpose
How to ruthlessly aligned with your authentic self and bring that to your marketing to attract the most amazing clients to your business.
Only $47 For Everything In The Bundle!

Trainings From World Class Experts:

Erik Hattersheidt
How We  Built a Movement With Over 30,000 Followers in Under Two Years
In this interview we open the curtains to behind the scene secrets to the world of authorship.

How to write, publish and promote your book in a way that positions you as the go to expert and increase your authority
Becky Norwood
Using Authorship as a Tool to Establish Authority, Grow Your Audience, and Increase Your Business
In this interview we open the curtains to behind the scene secrets to the world of authorship.

How to write, publish and promote your book in a way that positions you as the go to expert and increase your authority
Michael Mansell
How to Organically Generate 30+ Hot Leads Daily from YouTube to Your Offer
If you want to get consistent qualified leads for your online course, YouTube is one of the best sources to tap into.

In this interview Michael Mansell shares with us the secrets to how he generates 30+ leads for his business of clients who already know, like and trust him and can't wait to buy his programs.
Laura Posey
How to Plan Your Entire Year on One Sheet of Paper
In this interview, Laure Posey shares with you the simple strategic plan that has been responsible for generating millions of dollars in businesses. 
Dr. Cynthia Boccara
How to Project Confidence, Competence and Credibility all within the first 7 seconds
One of the biggest challenges online course creators face at the beginning of their career is to project confidence and competence.

This shows in your voice, posture and presence.

In this interview, Dr. Cynthia Boccara, the creator of Stage Authority Blueprint,  shares some simple to use techniques on how to project confidence, competence and credibility with the first 7 seconds.
Ridgely Goldsborough
Discover Your Mind Type
We as human beings have different ways of connecting with each other.

These different ways of connections are categorized in 9 Mind Types.

In this interview you discover what your Mind Type is, how you can authentically connect with others and how you can communicate effectively with other Mind Types.
Only $47 For Everything In The Bundle!

And Even More Bonuses:

Larissa Banting
How to Use Publicity to Amplify Your Authority and Audience
There are many magazines, podcasts, TV and Radio shows that already have access to thousands of people in your target market.

These publications need experts just like you to create content for their readers/viewers/listeners.

In this interview you discover how to open the door to getting featured and enjoy the free publicity in front thousands of people in your target market.

$97 Retail
Doug Boughton
How to Generate 6 Figures from a "free course" on autopilot
One of the greatest ways of attracting potential customers is to generate free online programs.

In this interview, Doug Boughton, reveals the secrets he used to build a 6 figure business by creating free online trainings and giving value to his students while generating income through method other than getting paid for the course.

$97 Retail
Lisa Barnett
Create Amazing Course with Unusual Topics
Many course creators wish to create course on unusual topics.

With that comes lots of fear and self doubt on how to successfully create and launch those programs.

Lisa Barnett shares her path to success on creating courses with unusual topics and what are the things you need to know and pay attention to before creating and launching those type of courses.

$97 Retail
Dov Gordon
How to Become an Under-the-Radar Leader In Your Industry - and Enjoy a Consistent Flow of Ideal Clients
Many new course creators don't have access to Joint Venture partners with large mailing lists.

In this training Dov Gordon shares his journey on how he became one of the most connected people in the industry by using an Under-the-Radar technique to connect with top players in the market and add value to their business even though he was starting from scratch himself.

$97 Retail
Kat Merritt
How to Market Your Programs So People Will Buy
The biggest question any online course creator has in mind is how to create a program that people want to buy.

In this interview Kat Merrit shares the secrets that she uses to create irresistible offers that are responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales annually.

In their company they use a process to narrow down the exact way that their clients wish to buy and build a package exactly aligned with their buying behavior.

$97 Retail
Sarah Lawrence
Behind The Scenes of a 7 Figure Business
It's really hard to find an open and honest conversation of the founder of a 7 figure company with their operations manager.

Let alone finding the operations manager that works hand in hand with a serial entrepreneur who runs multiple 7 figure companies.

In this interview, Sarah Lawrence and Iman Aghay pull the curtains aside and share behind the scenes of running multiple 7 figure companies.

How they hire, train and manage their team members.
How they run the marketing campaigns
and how the future of your business as a successful online course creator can look like.

$97 Retail 
Cindy J Holbrook
How to Successfully Promote Your Courses on Social Media
The title says it all.

Undisputedly using social media to promote your programs is one of the things that no online course creator should overlook.

The challenge is that many course creators don't know where to begin or get stuck with the mindset that they should keep posting pictures of their personal life online which is absolutely not true.

In this interview, Cindy J Holbrook shares the most important steps any course creator needs to follow to be able to position themselves as the authority without needing to post the picture of their food or dog or dancing on camera.

Social Media can be a great source of clients that should be tapped properly and be used to build your authority correctly so more and more people want to work with you and your programs.

$97 Retail
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